Creating a Creative Space

We moved into our house over a year an a half ago, but we are constantly doing (mostly small) things that are making it feel more and more like our personal space. We recently inherited some couches from my parents that make our basement living room much more comfy. We painted a couple rooms (the ones most used). We've hung pictures, acquired a handful of pieces of furniture, and recently got a new ping pong table for our back porch! We even have a wonderful space for our musical instruments.

But, as anyone knows, your living space is always a work in progress. Even if you've lived in the same house for 20 years, there's always something that could use a little rearranging. Because of my blog and my sewing projects (and general narcissism 😜), I've been wanting a full length mirror that doesn't make me look shorter and fatter like a fun-house mirror. Hubby went to Ikea the other day and sent me a picture of the Hovet mirror, which is HUGE! Over 6 feet tall and and 2.5 feet wide, and only $130. Not necessarily "cheap", but for a mirror that size, I'd be looking at several hundred anywhere else. It also has a super minimal frame, which means I can decide to customize it sometime in the future.

So - after some Googling for reviews (I didn't see anything terrible) - I made him buy me the mirror. But now comes the need to reorganize my craft room, because that's definitely where this mirror belongs. My craft room contains a giant table (made from an old door - my hubby is so handy!), a couple sets of shelves which contain books, craft supplies, and other random objects, a desk where I keep my computer, and shadow boxes and pictures hanging on the walls. Oh, and my bunny 🐰

Now that may not sound like much, but it's a small bedroom, which I decided to use for creative projects, and in addition to just being able to see myself full length, I (again, narcissistically) want to be able to take perfect selfies to post here and on social media, which means that whatever else is visible in the mirror needs to look pretty, too. Part of my problem is that I have so much small stuff - I might only have a few pieces of actual furniture, but every single surface, drawer, shelf, and every inch of the closet is full. There's countless balls of yarn, yards and yards of fabric I don't have specific projects for because they're either large scrap pieces or I bought them on a whim, and various other craft supplies, not to mention a box full of cables that I've accumulated over the years from living in this age of technology. Also, our bedroom closet isn't even close to being big enough for both of our wardrobes, so I have completely filled this room's with the overflow of my clothes.

Part of this project will (hopefully) be purging of things I'm hanging onto for silly reasons. Do I actually intend to use those gift boxes that are stacked up in there? Are all of my fabric scraps actually big enough to do cool things with? Are things well organized? Do I have to tear apart the whole room just to find the one piece of fabric or craft supply I've got in mind? Am I actually going to alter the pieces of clothing that are too big for me, or fix the ones that have ripped over the years?

Also, we have another extra "bedroom" right next to my craft room. Perhaps in creating my creative space, Nathaniel and I can also find a great use for that room. Could it be our "library" or "den"? Our shrine to hoarding? Who knows? I do know that right now there are plenty of things in my craft room that have zero to do with crafting, though.

So what are my main goals?

  • I want my space to be organized and as uncluttered as possible. I don't think I'll be doing the whole Marie Kondo thing, but I might take a few tips from her.
  • I want my space to feed my creative soul, not give me anxiety because I can't find anything because it feels too full.
  • I want to feel happy when I enter the room, not a sense of "well, what next?"

Here's hoping I can do this quickly - I think it'll be a weekend project soon. Hopefully I'll be able to bring lots of bags to Goodwill!