One of the scariest things about being a musician is putting yourself out there. Here is my first digital attempt to share my voice with the world. Though I may only reach a few people, it feels good to have a place to put my work. Feel free to share, ask questions, email me... Hope you enjoy!

Christmas songs and covers were usually recorded at home with a Yeti Pro mic, and edited (very roughly) with GarageBand or Logic Pro.

Music school songs were typically recorded in practice rooms with my iPhone, and are unedited. A huge thank you to my teacher, Sarah Eaton, and my accompanists Adam Ewing and Hemi Kim.


Music School


The Christmas Waltz:

The Christmas Waltz (acoustic):

Baby It's Cold Outside:

All I Want for Christmas Is You:

I'll Be Home For Christmas:

Let It Snow:

Sleigh Ride:

An Chloe:

For Good:

Laurie's Song:

Vittoria, Mio Core:

Letter Aria:

Tipsy Waltz:

Ashes of Roses:

Im Haine:

On My Own:

Chanson d'amour:

En las Montañas de Austurias:

Go, Lovely Rose:

Pastorella, spera, spera:

If I Were a Bell:

achen und Weinen:

Little Karen:

There the Brisk Sparkling Nectar:

Va Godendo:

What'll I Do:

When I Look At You:

Delicate Air:

A Thousand Years - Christina Perri:

I'm Looking Through You - The Beatles:

All My Loving - The Beatles:

Cup Song - Anna Kendrick:

Dream a Little Dream:

Love - Robin Hood: