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Where does the time go??

This is what my craft room has looked like for a while now... Several unfinished projects inevitably makes a mess

Oh man, how did I let a whole month go by without posting anything?

Somehow, even though I do end up crossing things off my to do list everyday, I find myself constantly busy, and constantly wishing I had more time. Unfortunately, a lot of the things I accomplish right now seem to be related to keeping my house clean and my family fed, rather than the creative things I really, really want to finish. Luckily, with Halloween coming up, I've got a deadline to get a super big project done. I'm super excited about our costumes this year, plus it's the first year we will get trick or treaters!

Also, despite being in a large choir, I feel like I've got a lack of music in my life. I think I'm letting too many other things take priority. I also sometimes feel like me taking this time for myself is selfish. If Nathaniel is home, we should be spending time together. If there is laundry or dishes to be done, it's easy to put off something that isn't "essential" to comfortable living. However, I'm discovering more and more that comfortable living needs to include creative outlets. I'll lose myself if I don't pay attention to passion.

My boys, happy and snuggly

Good news, though: We are feeling a lot cozier in our house. Right now, though, pretty much everything is beige. We definitely need to paint and hang up our pictures, but with such opposite schedules it's difficult to get much done together. While I definitely could make some executive decisions, I don't necessarily want to because it's OUR home, not just mine. ;)

Anyway, here's to more frequent crafting projects, and musical experiments in my life. And of course, blogging about it :)

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