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It's a Jolly Holiday - Part 2

Two thirds of my outfit - This picture is missing a couple accessories, and the red corset, but I'm pleased with how things are coming along!

Oh my goodness, what a daunting task I've taken on! I feel like I'm getting close, though! With Halloween just two days away (yikes!) I just have to finish Nathaniel's blazer, my top, and some little embellishments on my accessories. Without further ado, here's some info on a few more things I've finished or am in the process of finishing:

Burt's Blazer:

This was a difficult task. Actually sewing a blazer is a bit out of my comfort zone, so I ended up finding a white coat to glue ribbon to. I tried in some thrift stores, but any of the white blazers just weren't quite white enough. I ended up buying a doctor's lab coat and some white scrub pants online (I won't say where here, because I had a terrible time with receiving these items). I didn't want to buy a nice white blazer because I was just going to glue things to it, and finding the actual right blazer would have been both difficult and expensive. I ended up having to take the sleeves in a tiny bit, but other than that, I just pinned the ribbons on so I could space them properly, and then I used fabric glue to attach them. To finish the ends, I will use my sewing machine (wish me luck tonight - I've got a big to-do list!)

Mary's dress:

While I'm pretty sure her ensemble in the movie is actually an entire dress, mine is three pieces - a blouse, a corset and a skirt.

The skirt is a circle skirt with thick elastic at the waist, and it consists of two layers of white chiffon, a white lining layer, and a red lining layer. Because the elastic will be covered by the corset, I didn't worry about making it look super finished. I may end up re-finishing the waist at some point, but for now, it's fine. I used thin red ribbon to make 8 bows, and hand-stiched them to the top layer of chiffon.

The blouse I found at a vintage shop, and all I did was attach some white and red ribbon/lace accents to the sleeves and collar. It's not quite as white as I'd like, but again, it will do. I did make some white ruffles to put on the front, too. The corset is super simple, and I found it for $12 (used) at a costume shop. I will probably add some white ribbon accents to it, unless I run out of time!

Anyway... I can't wait for Saturday and to show of the final product!!

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