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Arbitrary Beginnings

Our first tree in our first home

I've always found the idea of New Year's Resolutions a bit silly. After all, January 1st is just as good as any other day to start a new habit (or procrastinate starting that new habit). It's just a day that was picked out a long time ago to be the start of our year. Other calendars start at different points during our path around the sun, too! My fitness journey started in the fall a couple of years ago, and I am so glad I didn’t wait until the New Year to become a healthier version of myself.

But this time around, I sort of feel like the New Year should be a symbolic thing in my life. As much as I’ve enjoyed 2015 and this holiday season, I have felt extremely busy. I’ve spread myself very thin, and accomplished many things, but I’m constantly sleepy, wishing I had more time.

What did I accomplish in 2015?

  • I got married, wearing a dress I made.
  • I bought a house with my wonderful hubby, and we’re slowly making it our own.
  • I ran over 550 miles, among other athletic activities.
  • I completed many crafts/sewing projects, and came up with even more ideas.
  • I cooked a lot, and became more comfortable in the kitchen. And I made lots of pies.
  • I sang, putting a little music out there for the world.

I could list more, I’m sure, but these are a few of the things I’m proudest of. So how do I continue doing things that feed my soul while still giving myself time to relax? Great question, and I don’t have a great answer. But here are some things I will focus on in 2016 and would like to continue for the rest of my life:

  • Don’t put off the things that mean a lot. Even though other engagements may seem more important, a constant pang of regret that I'm not doing what I actually want can’t possibly be healthy.
  • Be more selfish with my time. That doesn’t mean to not hang out with anyone, but it does mean learning to say “no” in a way that makes sense for my happiness.
  • Sleep more, enough said.

So now that the days are getting longer and my 29th year is about to start, here’s to living with purpose, choosing projects I’m passionate about, and spending time with the people I love, including myself.

Unforeseen Circumstances

How to Purée a Pumpkin