Positive Procrastination

On my weekends, I always tell myself that I am going to accomplish so much.  I'm going to clean the entire apartment, do all the laundry, get things ready for donations, finish some crafting projects that have been sitting around for ages.  I have every intention to catch up on my sleep, run 10 miles... It's kind of like New Year's resolutions, but weekly.

Now this isn't to say that I don't do any of the things I intend to.  In fact, I've already done four loads of laundry this weekend.  I finished writing my mom's Mother's Day card and did the dishes.  But now, instead of doing Spring Cleaning or going to the gym, I'm watching Modern Family and writing this post about procrastination.

Sometimes, though, procrastination can be good.  For example, I'm trying to kick off this whole blog thing, so I really do need to be writing this.

Last weekend, instead of going to bed at a reasonable time for the first time in forever, I decided I needed to learn the Cup Song (from Pitch Perfect).  A part of me was asking myself, "Why are you doing this?  What will this do for you?  Where will it get you?  Is this a waste of time?"  To that, I now say, "It's fun.  It makes me happy to make music.  Maybe nowhere, but potentially somewhere.  And if I'm having fun and enjoying myself, then, no, it's not a waste of time."  At the very least, I've acquired a fun party trick, and at the most, Ellen will find me and I'll get to go on her show.

When I was figuring out how to do the song, I found this great video of Anna Kendrick on David Letterman, and she basically called herself a dork because she spent all this time learning how to do this cup trick, and once the movie people found out that she could do it, they decided to write it into the movie.  Then he had her perform it right there.  She was able to take something silly and turn it into something fun that everyone now knows she can do.  While I may be a copy-cat now, I really look up to how she presents herself to the world.  She just has fun doing the things she enjoys, and has found a way to be herself and share it with the world.  Isn't that the dream?

I read this saying that said something about how you should probably be spending more time doing the things that you do while you procrastinate.  Not everything I do while I procrastinate is actually enriching my life to the extent that making music does (for example, I don't need to take any more Buzzfeed quizzes), but Anna Kendrick found a way to share the quirky, musical girl she is.  So, on a much smaller scale, I am trying to start to do the same.  Take a peek at my version of the Cup Song - I plan on doing another version later where I add more instruments actually edit it so it doesn't have the not-so-great acoustics of my kitchen.

I should make a springtime resolution to make more music.  That way, if I find myself procrastinating by making music or learning a new song, I will still feel like I can cross something off the weekend To-do list, and I'll have another thing I can share with you all. :)