Timey Wimey Dress

I first discovered Spoonflower.com while I was on Pinterest.  I saw this awesome Doctor Who fabric, and since I had recently started sewing, had to learn more.  I ended up getting a few yards of this fabric in the Organic Cotton Knit.  The inspiration for the pattern came from a dress I already owned.  I originally got the dress from Nordstrom Rack, but I have seen it online, too.  ModCloth calls it the Iced Tea Dress.

I've actually never used a "real" store-bought pattern to make a piece of clothing for myself.  It either has come from my brain, from a book, or, like this project, was based on something I already owned.  The original dress is made of soft, stretchy fabric, and to create my pattern, I just laid the dress down, and started measuring.  I wrote down the measurements and sketched all the pieces I would need.  The hardest part of was the front piece, because it was gathered, but I think my measurements ended up ok, because the final product fits!


To complete the ensemble, I added ivory sweater tights (Nordstrom Rack), arm warmers (CAbi - perfect for converting any tank top to long sleeves for fall), and of course, some Converse All Stars (Allonz-y!).

The Organic Cotton Knit is a bit thicker than the fabric from the original dress, so it's not quite as drapey and light, but the circle skirt falls nicely, and the fabric provides a bit more coverage.  Since it's cotton, it's still nice and breathable.  To line the front, I used a black poly-knit (super soft) I found at JoAnn's.  I also used this fabric doubled up for the waistband.

I took the pictures of myself using a tripod and the interval setting on my Nikon J1 - it's an AWESOME feature (Takes the selfie to the next level).  They were taken in Albuquerque at my grandparents' house.