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Boldly Going Where This Woman Hasn't Gone Before - Men's Clothing

Boldly Going Where This Woman Hasn't Gone Before - Men's Clothing


Over a year ago, hubby turned 30 and I promised to make him a Star Trek uniform - the style from the movie First Contact. There used to be a pattern shop on the Roddenberry website, and I purchased the undershirt/tunic, and the jacket/jumpsuit patterns. Unfortunately they’re not available there anymore, but there are a lot of tutorials online if you search, so someone might still have something available for you if you’re looking to adventure into this type of costume.

It took me over a year to actually get around to it (sorry, babe!), but it turned out better than I thought it would, so at least there’s that ;) 

The first challenge was getting the right fabrics. They called for wool, but I didn’t want to sew with wool (for both comfort and price), since mostly this will be worn at conventions, plus the shops the patterns recommended did not exist online anymore, so I had to kind of wing it. Luckily the colors that I ended up picking worked well, and the polyester gabardine isn’t too gross. 😉


These patterns weren’t the best I’ve ever worked with. Some of the pieces did not fit together like I thought they should - I could blame this on myself, because I was working with different fabric than I had before, but, for example, the arms did not match up with the armholes as I expected, and I had to put in some extra black panels in the armpits to make it work. We can call that a silver lining, though, because I used stretchy performance fabric, so maybe it makes the jacket more breathable?

Quilting the shoulders was super tedious, as I had to make sure i was as perfectly spaced as possible, while also keeping the lines really straight, but I’m super happy with how they look, especially finished with the bias tape. I’ve never made shoulders like this, so it was fun to see the pieces come together and actually look like I wanted!


We bought pips and badges on Amazon (which lied, because they were supposed to be magnetic but only one of seven things were), and honestly, the end product is pretty good! I’ll probably end up replacing the zipper at some point, because the one I got doesn’t separate completely at the bottom, so putting on the jacket is a bit awkward. But other than that, I’m quite happy!

Hubby looked great, and it’ll be a staple in our convention wardrobe for a long time :)

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