One-Handed Adventures

Tomorrow, I hopefully get the pins taken out of my hand, which hopefully means I get to start getting back to my normal self. This whole ordeal has really made me appreciate being able to function at 100%.

So, I thought I’d share a bit about my one-handed adventures, because it’s been a while!


I very much enjoy baking and cooking, and I had cookie cravings, and my husband’s birthday was last week, so I didn’t let having broken fingers completely stop me. I kept recipes simple - I needed to be able to use my stand mixer, and nothing could be too crazy large or heavy since anything I carry is with one hand. I did make some pretty sweet little footballs for the Super Bowl, though!


Don't worry, this sock is clean.

For a while, my “cleaning” consisted of small organizational tasks, trying to keep common areas looking nice, but as I started to feel better, I was able to start sweeping and vacuuming. I know it sounds lame, but after a while you just want your space to be clean, and clean-looking. As much as possible, I’ve tried to only use dishes that can be thrown in the dishwasher, because I still can’t hand-wash things because I can’t get my cast wet. I have been able to fold laundry, but it’s a very slow process, and turning socks right side in is a royal pain in the butt.


With the pins in my hand, I haven’t done yoga, and I miss it. The pressure that could potentially be put on the bones, even in modified poses, isn’t something the doctor wanted me to do, so I (very impatiently) am waiting for the day I can go back. So instead I’ve been walking a lot, and finally, about 3.5 weeks after my surgery, I started running again. Easy runs, slower than I’d like, but I’ll get it back.


All of my usual creative outlets require two hands: crafting, sewing, playing my instruments… I guess at least I can call these activities physical therapy once I’m allowed to start doing them again. I tried making myself an orange bow for the Super Bowl, which ended up looking pretty stupid, but whatever, it was the only orange I could find. I also made a construction paper card for Nathaniel’s birthday, which was ok, but would have been a lot prettier if I’d been fully-functional. My sister, her boyfriend and I all went to a painting class, too, and luckily I got by just fine with one hand.

Going out:

At least my cast matches my favorite dress!

Most times this is fine. Every once in a while I have to have Nathaniel cut my food for me (one time a waitress asked if she could). But the biggest difference is that everyone asks how I hurt myself (and many people joke that I must have punched someone). I don’t mind - it’s nice that, in general, people are extremely friendly, kind-hearted and wish me well. Most people agree, though, that the story is pretty lame, and I should make up a story about saving babies from a burning building. ;)

Here’s hoping that tomorrow goes well, and that I’ll be closer to normal soon!

A Happy, Organized Home

I officially finished my "Spring" Cleaning a week ago, but have been procrastinating writing this. How do I properly sum up this project and how I feel?

Proud that I now have a TON of extra hangers, instead of not enough if all our clothes are clean

Well, I feel this odd mixture of proud and underwhelmed. I'm proud because I actually went through every spot in the apartment that has been bothering me, organized it, found things to give away, and definitely impressed my boyfriend with how much I did. I can also tell he appreciates it because he's been putting his late-night cereal bowls in the sink, rather than leaving them by the couch.

I even went through my file cabinet (process pictured above), but this effort is hidden away in the closet...

But I'm underwhelmed because, well, I don't necessarily think the before and after pictures do justice to the hard work I did, which basically makes me feel like you can't SEE what I did! To be fair, a lot of the problem areas are not "common" areas where we "entertain" our guests. I won't be saying, "Hey, let's hang out in my clean closet!" any time soon.

I'm also nervous that all this was for naught... It will be SO easy to destroy my sewing desk, and it will probably happen fairly soon. And because we have such a small space for so much stuff, one hoodie left on the living room couch makes everything look sloppier than I'd like. A lot of our storage is out in the open, like all the crowded bookshelves we have, and all my little Chotchkies everywhere. Keeping things looking clean is as much of a challenge as the original deep-cleaning.

Here is my sewing desk before...YUCK (though in my defense, it was one of the last things I cleaned, so I had been piling stuff on it through the whole process. It 

And here is my sewing desk after. Not picture perfect, definitely tons of stuff...but it's ORGANIZED and not an eyesore anymore.

So here's to my goal of taking pride in my home. Maybe my efforts are a bit invisible, but things all have their place right now. Currently, I won't be embarrassed to have a friend over (there have been times...). Maybe it's just the Pinterest posts I see of the roomy living areas (with the perfect huge mirrors to make things seem even more spacious) that leave me longing for a bigger home, but right now being proud of my home is harder than I'd like. But I'm up for the challenge ;)


Spring September

Well, I've finally decided to do it. Clean my entire apartment. Just over 900 square feet of too much stuff. Why now? Well, my boyfriend went out of town, so I don't feel bad about making it messy while he's gone (as long as I have it clean by the time he gets back). And I've been meaning to do this for a LONG time. Hopefully I can count on my inner domestic house-wife alter-ego...she's gotta be there somewhere, right?

This is the empty laundry room. How do we fit so much stuff in here? It has to be magic (See Ron Weasley peeking out behind the dryer?).

We have a LOT of stuff, and a shortage of actual storage space. If we had a house with a garage and an extra closet or two, I don't think I would feel this urge to scour every inch of my home like this. A part of me just wants to throw everything away, but I have to keep telling myself that someday we WILL have a house and a garage/shed/closet/more space, and we won't want to have to re-buy a lot of this stuff. But there is actually some stuff we can give away, like mis-matching silverware since we were lucky enough to inherit a great set in the past couple years. And clothes. I have way too much clothing, and since I started sewing, my wardrobe has just continued to grow. Also, shoes. Just shoes.

So where did I start? I started with the laundry room, which doubles as most of our storage, the coat closet, and the broom closet. I should have taken a before picture, but I think during and after pictures will be sufficient. Maybe I don't actually want photo evidence of how much that room drove me crazy.

This is the entire contents of the laundry room, emptied into the kitchen.

I might be biting off more than I can chew, since the boyfriend is only gone 6 days and I have a job and want to enjoy some of the weekend...luckily I did part of the kitchen last week ;) I'll try to update on the progress...or maybe just on the finished task.

Wish me luck!