Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Oh, Boulder. You'd think after nearly 27 years I'd know not to be shocked. And yet here I am, shivering, drinking some tea, with a heater blowing directly on me. Baby, It's Cold Outside! I'm mostly anti-Christmas until after Thanksgiving but I wanted to share something I put together for Nathaniel a couple Christmases ago. I figure this song doesn't directly mention any holidays and it's just a perfect description of how cold it's been these past couple days, so it's not breaking my rule too much. ;)

For those of you that don't know, Colorado is home of some of the most beautiful sights, and because of them (mountains and plains) and our lack of a large body of water, weather can be extremely fickle and crazy. For example, on Monday when I woke up it was in the mid-60s, I was able to wear capris, sandals and a light sweater to yoga. By noon it was snowing, and snowed for about 48 hours straight. Yesterday was a high of 8. Here's an awesome tweet from a CU Student that shows that dramatic change:

But you know what, I'm totally OK with this. Well, yes, I can't seem to keep my fingers or toes warm, and Boulder drivers seem to take the snow as an excuse to disregard traffic laws (nearly t-boned someone this morning because they decided their need to turn left was greater than my right to use the green light). But isn't this just GORGEOUS??

Had to take my gloves off in the -2 degree pre-dawn weather to get this shot, but I'm happy I did :) And the star on the mountain is lit up!

So here are my tips for surviving these bitter cold days:

  1. Drink lots of hot coffee or tea. If nothing else, the cup will help you warm your fingers. Also, caffeine is amazing.
  2. Layers, layers, layers! And thick socks!
  3. Flannel sheets are wonderful (Martha Stewart has some awesome seasonal ones at Macy's right now - we got the foxes, and Riker loves them!)
  4. If you have pets, don't forget that they are sensitive to the cold, too. I invested in some snow booties for Riker because he couldn't even stand to keep his feet on the ground, then flat out refused to go outside after that.
  5. Enjoy how pretty snow can be. It won't last forever. Plus, how cool is it to have actual seasons!?

Stay warm, friends!