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Packing for 3 weeks in Europe - Part 1: Making big decisions to save space

Packing for 3 weeks in Europe - Part 1: Making big decisions to save space

I'm an over-packer. Always have been, but I'm hoping I can kick that habit.

Nathaniel and I finally get to go on our honeymoon, thanks to my in-laws and my parents. We're going to go around Europe (London, Paris, Chamonix, Madrid, Amsterdam), and I am beyond excited! 

Usually for even a week trip, I check a bag, but to streamline things and avoid baggage claim, we're using backpacks! I've Googled how to pack light, and I think that, even for me, this is doable.

A couple things I've decided both to save time and to save space:

1) I'm not bringing my running gear. This was a tough choice because I'm really proud of myself and my exercise regimen, and to voluntarily NOT run for three weeks sounds crazy to me! However, for the amount of running I'd be doing I'd either a) bring more workout clothes than normal clothes, b) be washing the same outfit everyday, or c) be wearing and carrying around gross, sweaty running clothes. Another reason is that it would take time away from Nathaniel. I'd be spending an hour(ish) every other day(ish) away from him, then I'd have to shower, do hair, makeup, etc, all while he waits around for me. Doesn't seem like the right way to spend a honeymoon. Also, we're going to be walking around a TON, so as long as I'm not just chronically overeating and binge-drinking, I should be just fine :)

2) I'm not bringing my hair dryer or straightener. This is huge for me (and now that I've told you, I have to stay accountable and actually follow through). I have very curly hair, which I don't much care for. I've always wanted beautiful, shiny, straight hair, and my trusty dryer and straightener (along with a round brush and heat-protectant) can actually give me the look I like. But these things all take up a lot of space, and they take up time. I've got my hair routine down to a science, and when I'm at home, I can do it in about a half an hour if I really go for it. But again, do I want to be spending time on my honeymoon, perfecting my hair and making Nathaniel wait for me? Especially when weather could just swoop in and ruin my efforts? Nope. So I've been researching and testing out different ways to dry my hair that will work for me on this trip. This includes overnight drying, braids, and so much more. BUT everything I'm bringing along is stuff I would still have brought even if I were straightening my hair. Narcissistically, all I really want is to look good in the pictures we take. My first choice is silky straight hair, but that's not really an option, so I'm finding alternatives that aren't so bad... ;) [also, this backs up my decision to not bring too much workout gear - without a straightener, it's harder for me to tame the craziness that my hair will be after a run]

I'll keep you posted on how the packing is going! We'll see if an over-packer can really backpack for three weeks!

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