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Packing for 3 weeks in Europe - Part 2: Capsule wardrobe

If you're anything like me, you've got more clothes than you'll ever need, but each piece means something. You remember where you got it, why you got it, and it's difficult to get rid of things. When you're home, that's no big deal. You've got a closet and dresser (give or take), and even if they're stuffed, all your clothes stay in your house/apartment/room, which you can take out, put back, throw on the floor, whatever, and everything is fine (if a bit messy and chaotic).

But when you're on vacation, you're limited to what you decide to bring. For most of my vacations, I count outfits. If I'm gone for 10 days, I'll bring basically 10 of everything, and usually I end up re-wearing a few things, and come home with some outfits that are still clean. On most vacations, I just go one place, so I can bring one big suitcase, stick it in the corner, and not have to worry about cleaning up my mess too much until the day before I leave. But this trip, we're going LOTS of places! The most time we're spending anywhere is four days, so it would be a huge pain to have to repack and lug around a huge suitcase every few days.

Instead, we're bringing backpacks, and I need to figure out just a handful of versatile pieces of clothing to bring with me. The blog Travel Fashion Girl has been a good resource for me! I am bringing a "clothesline" of sorts to wash a select few garments (like underwear and socks), so I don't have to pack a few dozen each of those, and I can wash larger items at our Airbnbs, too.

I'm using a backpack (borrowed from my sister), which is smaller than any suitcase I typically use for shorter trips than this, and here's the clothing that's going inside:

Not pictured:
Socks, underwear, bras, PJs, swimsuit, raincoat, zip up sweater, hat, gloves

Things I'm tempted to bring:
Another skirt
Polka dot blouse
Mermaid dress
Graphic T-shirt

Current List:
Two pairs of Crocs (AMAZING for walking)
Black cropped pants (Fabletics)
Black cardigan
Two long-sleeved collared shirts
One T-shirt (green)
Three tank tops (black, white, grey with graphic)
Two skirts (one is reversible!)
One dress

Once I get back, I'll let you guys know what worked for me, what I wished I had, and what was completely unnecessary!

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