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Packing for 3 weeks in Europe - Part 4: Miscellaneous/Accessories

I've covered clothes and toiletries, but what about that stuff that doesn't really fit into those categories? How will I entertain myself on planes and trains (other than sleeping, one of my favorite things)? How will I document the trip? How will I keep track of all our plans and reservations? How will I carry things when I don't have a giant backpack on my back?

Not pictured: bridal Minnie ears ✌

Nathaniel and I both enjoy having pictures as souvenirs from trips. He's the artsy one, I'm more of the "look what I'm doing!" type. We'll have his nice Canon DSLR, my little Nikon J1, and our GoPro, and we're also taking a camera connector so we can upload things to his iPad (just in case we run out of room on our memory cards). I'm also bringing a journal and pen, and a thin 3-ring binder as our document holder. Even though most things are digital now, I want to cover all our bases and I've printed out tickets and confirmations for everything. On our phones and iPad, we've got plenty of movies, TV shows and books to keep us occupied on flights and train rides, and we also got a little headphone splitter so we can watch the same thing on his iPad. And of course, we've got power adapters so we can charge our devices overseas.

I'm taking a purse that can zip closed completely, and of course some sunglasses, my wallet and passport, too. We bought an international SIM card to use in Nathaniel's phone while we're away, mostly for brief moments where it'd be nice to look up a map, which requires a data plan if we're out and about. Otherwise, our hotels and Airbnbs have wifi, which will be good in the mornings and evenings.



It'll be interesting to see if I've forgotten anything! 


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