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Turn Flared Jeans into Skinny Jeans

Original flare

If you're anything like me, you've got old stuff in your dresser that you don't wear for one reason or another. Maybe it doesn't fit you but you dream of the day it will, maybe it's not your style anymore, or maybe it's something you've got a nostalgic connection with. I'm guilty of all of the above.

Anyway, I've had this pair of flared jeans for a few years now that I haven't worn much because I prefer skinny jeans these days. But I just couldn't ever bring myself to part with them because they fit me so well! So I decided to try to make them into skinny jeans. If I failed, I wouldn't be losing much because they weren't getting worn anyway!


  • Jeans to be altered
  • Jeans that fit you
  • Pencil or pen for marking where you're sewing
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Pins


  1. Turn the jeans inside out and lay them on the floor. Line up the jeans that currently fit you the way you like on top of them, right side out.
  2. Mark where you'd like to make your seam, along the outer edges of the skinny jeans. I used a ballpoint pen, because the wash of the jeans was too light to see my white pencil.
  3. Pin along that line, so your jeans don't slide at all, and the seam goes where you want.
  4. Sew along the line you drew, then sew just outside of it for more reinforcement. Denim is a sturdy fabric.
  5. Put the jeans on to make sure you like the way they fit. You can rip out the seam if you've made them too small, or you can make them skinnier if need be.
  6. Once you're satisfied with the skinny-ness, cut off the extra fabric.
  7. If necessary, hem the jeans - mine needed this a lot! I marked where I wanted them on one leg, then added about an inch, marked the same on the other leg, and cut off the excess fabric, then did a double folded hem.
  8. Turn your jeans right side in and there you have it!

Step 5 - I shoulda just stopped here 😂

Step 7 - I marked where I wanted my pants to end with a ballpoint pen

Step 8 - Finished hem! If I had a machine with thicker thread, it would look more professional, but I'm happy with how mine turned out 

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