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An Impromptu Kitchen Remodel

An Impromptu Kitchen Remodel

A handful of weeks ago we were going to paint my craft room - I was going to empty it out completely, give it a fresh, clean start, get rid of some stuff, reorganize my closet (so I can have everything in one place)… [I talk about this here, here and here]

The hole between my kitchen and living room

But, alas, life never goes as planned. We found water in the wall behind our kitchen sink, a wall which separates our kitchen and living room. Water inside your wall can never be good, so we got it inspected, found out we needed to rip out a bunch of gross drywall, and now there’s a giant hole in the wall. We’re taking it as a sign that it’s time to remodel the kitchen. We’ve never been in love with it, and we wanted to tear out that whole wall anyway, so we opened a line of home equity, and our summer project is going to be to slowly make the kitchen into a better space for us.

Only the finest plywood counters for us!

Chaotic - this picture also represents my brain right now

But Kathryn - painting your craft room isn’t that big a project, is it? Compared to a new kitchen, you’re right. It’s totally smaller both in magnitude and budget, but currently my house feels chaotic. It’s messy. Things aren’t in the right places. The extra bedroom on the main floor (where I’d temporarily relocate the contents of my craft room) is full of kitchen supplies because we don’t want to reload the temporary kitchen with things we don’t use often, just to have to empty it again when we re-do our cabinet situation. Heck, my fridge isn’t even in the right place. Working on my craft room not only feels impossible right now, but also incredibly irresponsible. So I’m finding small things I can do to keep it feeling more and more like my own space. I can slowly hang a couple more pictures on the wall (which I did this weekend). I can make sure I keep it tidy so I can continue to be creative. I can slowly go through my shelves, drawers, boxes and closet, so that when it does become time to paint, clearing out that room won’t be as difficult.

Baby steps in making my craft room better - hung the three small drawings (Karen Hallion) this weekend.

So this is me learning to put things on hold. I hate waiting. I wish I could wave my magic wand and make both my kitchen and my creative space finished. Even though I know a house is never truly finished. We need to be smart about how we choose to spend our time and money right now, since a kitchen remodel is no small feat. But boy will this all be fun once we’re done!

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